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NACCO Materials Handling Group, Inc. Americas Headquarters Building

Physical Description: The building was built approximately ten years ago and is roughly 98,000 square feet and one, single story tall.

J. Morgan Design Associate’s services began with improving and evaluating the life-cycle management of the interior finishes of the NACCO Americas headquarters building that is over ten years old. We conducted the redesign in three phases as to keep the disruption of the working environment at a minimum. The initial phase included updating the eight restrooms at the facility by improving wall tile and wall covering. The second phase encompassed the selection and installation of new carpet throughout the 98,000 square feet building. Carpet selections were based upon performance, short-term and long-term maintenance, and aesthetic. The third phase, most recently completed, included upgrading the two main training rooms within the facility. With regard to the training rooms, we designed and upgraded the flooring (carpet and luxury vinyl tile), wall covering, partitions, cabinetry, countertops, and furniture to best serve the multiple uses of these rooms on a daily basis.

As the designer, we initiated the project with space planning and designing architectural elements as necessary. We selected products and finishes that not only where aesthetically pleasing, but preformed to the highest wear standards for their given uses. A specification guideline was created for each phase of the project, and all information was compiled by J. Morgan Design for the Request for Quote for the bid of project materials. J. Morgan’s staff was made available for as many on-site visits as deemed necessary by the Owner and Sub-Contractors.

This phased project was highly time sensitive. The owner’s main objective was to have all components of the total project completed by December 2013 and to maintain quality installation without disrupting the work flow of employees. J. Morgan Design exceled with our experience in scheduling and time management to get this project completed without delay. The owner was highly satisfied with our ability to phase plan the completion of the 98,000 square feet carpet renovation and deliver multiple space plans for each of the training rooms conveying the various uses.

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TRAINING ROOM                                                          CARPET SELECTION AND INSTALLATION