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Mellow Mushroom

Physical Description: Mellow Mushroom is a contemporary single story building approximately 7,000 square feet.

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The new building design of Mellow Mushroom Greenville included interior and exterior furniture, lighting selections, large-scale window coverings, and high impact art design. We selected furniture to coordinate with the interior and exterior architecture, which had been previously specified by the lead architect. With respect to the high impact focal art, we began with concept designs and drawings. Working with several install professional we were able to determine and specify the most suitable products for the exterior focal art. This exterior art serves as the key landmark visual for locating the restaurant from both street sides of the building.

At the onset of planning, we worked in conjunction with the architect and supplied the original architectural space planning for this building. As designer, we served in selecting all fabrics, indoor and outdoor furniture, and the outdoor fire feature. Three focal ceramic tile art walls, two exterior and one interior, were also within our scope of the project.

With regard to furniture selection we exceeded the owner’s expectations by value engineering the interior and exterior furniture selections. Our selection of high performance vinyl seat fabrics has proven that we select with the utmost quality in mind.

interior design in greenville nc  interior design in greenville nc
MELLOW MUSHROOM INTERIOR                                                 EXTERIOR FOCAL ART