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Crystal Coast Hospice House

The Crystal Coast Hospice House is a single story brick building of approximately 12,800 square feet.

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This project included the interior and exterior design and specification of the new Crystal Coast Hospice House in Newport, North Carolina. We worked directly with the Crystal Coast Hospice Foundation executive board to develop the design of coast-side facility. We were able to maintain a residential atmosphere while acknowledging the hospitality application of this design.

As lead designer for this project we specified all exterior and interior finishes, exterior and interior lighting, furniture, and key artwork. We produced written specification documents for each of the subcontractors as necessary; and we worked closely with the building chairperson and general contractor (on site and off site) to ensure a seamless project implementation.

The owner’s expectations were exceeded with regard to the interior design and specification of this project. There was a seamless flow and strong team effort between the architect, designers, contractor, and owner. This allowed for the project to have the upmost quality in design and construction, as well as an on schedule completion.

interior design in greenville nc  interior design in greenville nc

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